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HoloBuilder is the fastest software solution for construction teams to capture & share 360° virtual job walks of construction sites or buildings. Built for the site, HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app is efficient and intuitive enough for an intern to capture the entire project on a daily basis.

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Construction teams can document project progress as fast as a foreman can walk the job site. All they need is a mobile device with the HoloBuilder JobWalk app and a 360° camera. HoloBuilder improves communication between contractors, architects, and engineers by empowering them to manage, share and collaborate with 360° reality captures in the cloud.

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No matter how big a construction project is, with HoloBuilder everybody can easily track progress over time with TimeTravel and never miss a detail of any stage of construction by working with 360° images. This is why the HoloBuilder team believes projects can improve performance at all phases of construction when information is organized by location and time, and securely accessible to the right person.

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