Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

From AR to VR – which gadgets will come along with bitstars to the Silicon Valley?

The journey to Silicon Valley

The preparations for bitstars‘ journey across the atlantic ocean and into the Silicon Valley are continuing. Which gadgets and utilities will Mostafa Akbari bring along his way?

We used our Holobuilder to create a fun way for you to find out about Mostafas baggage. You can find a complete list of all the gadgets at the bottom of this page.

(Please be patient as the embedded Holoplayer may take some seconds to finish loading (optimized for Google Chrome)).

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

From the white packaging of the Ricoh Theta m15 camera at the bottom right in counter-clockwise-order:

  1. Ricoh Theta m15 camera (in front of the laptop in blue): a 360° camera which makes it easy to take photo spheres on the go
  2. Bang & Olufsen headphones: useful to stay focused while working in the open-plan offices of Palo Alto and San Francisco
  3. Kindle Fire: for personal media consumption (music, books etc.) during the long commuting between San Francisco and Palo Alto
  4. Teufel in-ear-headphones: headphones for the daily mobile needs
  5. Several US specific adapters and
  6. Several USB cables
  7. Cardboard: for 360° and 3D applications using the Holoplayer (enable the cardboard-mode with the second (cardboard-) button from the right)
Holoplayer Menu

Holoplayer Menu

  1. External harddrive and cables
  2. Smartphone OnePlus One: smartphone which can be used with Cardboard and one of our standard devices for internal use at bitstars
  3. Jawbone UP24: next to the Moto 360 smart-watch – a pedometer and fitness-tracker
  4. Several SIM-Cards for US-specific usage
  5. Sennheiser headphones: extremely useful for noise-reduction
  6. Private smartphone
  7. Multiple rechargeable batteries
  8. flexible mini-stand to take stable photos
  9. Adapters for mini-DP to HDMI/VGA/DVI
  10. PIN Generator for secure mobile payment
  11. Inductive-recharger for smartwatches
  12. Google Glass
  13. Surface Pro
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