SLAM tests

Here are some current SLAM tests development screenshots showing 3D augmentations of the reality:

We moved to GitHub

We moved to GitHub to improve the possibility for the community to participate in DroidAR. Here is the link, go ahead and take a look!

Contributing to DroidAR is easy on GitHub (that’s the main reason why we switched from Google Code). Click „Fork“ do your changes in your local copy of DroidAR and then push it back to the DroidAR repository. I will make a short instruction video about this soon.

There are some rules to allow an easy integration of your code and changes:
  • You have to use the default code formatting style of Eclipse
  • You should enable auto formatting whenever you save a file. This way you can’t forget to format: Go to Preferences->Java->Editor->Save Actions and enable „Format source code“ and „Organize imports“.
Now when you save the code is formatted automatically. This will avoid commit conflicts and changes in the code can be reviewed more easily.

Loading external 3D objects

bitstars works on loading external objects and adding them to your virtual world. Therefore, Simon Heinen, bitstars founder and CTO, added support for the libgdx framework to use their model loaders. In his opinion Libgdx is the most professional and powerful graphics and gaming framework available for Android and he intends to improve the integration of their stuff as time moves on. For now it is only the model loaders which is capable of loading many different types of models (animated as well as static).


The video tutorial will shortly explain how to load 3d models from external files using the model loader adapter extension:


The following three projects have to be added to your workspace to get the model loader extension running (as explained in the video):