Award of the European Venture Contest NRW 2014

bitstars chosen again – European Venture Contest NRW

This week the bitstars team is very busy again, attending and pitching at Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Inside AR- The Augmented Reality conferencel and the European Venture Contest NRW by e-unlimited.

The first “fruits could already be reaped” as bitstars was chosen as one of the winners of the European Venture Contest NRW.


“Each year over 800 startups apply to the EVC via a dozen of regional or technology-focused qualifiers to present their company, engage with top industry experts and network with potential investors. The contest element comes from the selection of the best quartile (Top 25%) at each of the qualifiers who continue to an end-of-year major event with more than 100 entrepreneurs and also 100+ venture investors. 120 finalists of this event will be reviewed by a top Selection Committee and the 25 best startups (9 ICT, 8 life sciences and 8 cleantech) are awarded.”

Quote from European Venture Contest NRW e-unlimited


View of the German Accelerator #throughglass from the perspective of the pitching Mostafa Akbari

German Accelerator, Pioneers Festival, IdeaLab and more contests chose bitstars

bitstars on the rise to European start-up scene

bitstars GmbH is a software-engineering company located in the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sphere. This autumn, the company is on a conference-spree to convince investors of their innovative idea and business concept. Therefore, bitstars had to assert itself against strict application requirements and strong competitors. But the efforts bear fruits already, bitstars was nominated for four tech-conferences: “German Accelerator”, “IdeaLab! – WHU founders‘ conference”, “Pioneers Festival” and the “European Venture Contest NRW” conference in Cologne. By now, the Aachen start-up has already achieved remarkable results.



GERMAN ACCELERATOR bitstars view through Google Glass #throughglass

Step by step towards success – on 9th October 2014 the winners of the “German Accelerator” were announced. The “German Accelerator” is a three-month program that supports German ICT and Green-IT start-ups to enter the US market by providing personal mentoring and office space in Silicon Valley, New York and San Francisco. bitstars was chosen as one of the most promising German start-ups and will soon be taking part in workshops and seminars in Silicon Valley.

Excited and proud of the support from the “German Accelerator” there is no rest for the bitstars-team. The next big challenge “IdeaLab” is to be faced on 10th and 11th October 2014 in Vallendar, Germany. “IdeaLab” is Europe’s biggest student-led start-up conference. As if that were not enough, bitstars was selected as one of nine start-ups out of 100 applications from various countries to pitch at the event. Mostafa Akbari, CEO and joint founder of bitstars, presented the unique entrepreneurial vision and got directly to the heart of the business concept. The positive response of the audience allows the bitstars-team to be optimistic about the results, especially because some investors showed increased interest in the series A planned 2015.


IdeaLab! at WHU with bitstars

IdeaLab! at WHU with bitstars. #throughglass

This proves to be a perfect opening to fuel growth and speed up development. But with the “Pioneers Festival” in Vienna (28th to 30th October 2014) and the “European Venture Contest NRW” in Cologne (30th October 2014), bitstars is on the cusp to open up a new dimension by finally tapping into the European start-up scene. These upcoming tech-conferences will give bitstars a great possibility to perform on an international stage and convince all judges of their pioneering vision and persuasive concept.

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. By focusing on very intuitive usability the platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.


Press contact:
Kristina Tenhaft, CCO


For further information about the tech-conferences, see homepages below:

Mostafa Akbari on stage at the German Accelerator Pitch

Silicon Valley we’re coming

Yesterday the winners of the German Accelerator program were announced. Our founders participated in the Celebration Innovation Day in Stuttgart and after an interesting day with great international speakers and pitches the tension rose when finally the winners of the German Accelerator program were announced. The bitstars team could cheer because we will be joining the Silicon Valley next year.

Every year the German Accelerator picks the best startups in Germany to support them while entering the U.S. market. The startups fly to the Accelerator headquarters in Silicon Valley and New York and participate in workshops and seminars, where they will be coached by mentors. The Accelerator provides free working space and the participation in the program is free as well. The participation spots are in great demanded, therefore the bitstars team is proud to have accomplished to be selected by the German Accelerator.

bitstars team summer 2014

bitstars receives High-Tech Gruenderfonds investment


bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. By focussing on very intuitive usability the platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Through the extension of reality with virtual text and objects (augmented reality) or the creation of entirely new virtual worlds (virtual reality), many processes can be simplified in business and everyday life. Moreover, the market penetration of smartphones and tablets as well as the upcoming smart glasses and wearables drastically increases the potential of such applications.

Through their platform, bitstars offers a user friendly tool to create 3D content for web, virtual and augmented reality applications. Generated 3D content can easily be included in websites or in augmented & virtual reality apps for i.e. for Google Glass, on the smartphone or in Google Cardboard. Up until now this was only possible through costly custom-made software.

Simon Heinen and Mostafa Akbari, CTO and CEO of bitstars on the benefits of the new platform: „Entry barriers to create 3D web, augmented or virtual reality content through software are currently very high. Systems are too complex and mostly only suited to create one of the usage types mentioned above. Users therefore have to use multiple tools if they want to create a variety of different contents. Through our software they now have the opportunity to access an easy to use full-service package to create 3D web, as well as augmented and virtual reality applications in one tool by themselves”.

The customer spectrum for bitstars software is very broad. Firms in e-commerce as well as production, logistics, navigation and all different kinds of service provider can benefit from this technology. Broad applicability combined with high customer interest underline the potential of this technology, which therefore provides large opportunities to generate growth.

Dr. Guillem Sague, Investment Manager at HTGF, believes in the growth strategy of the bitstars team: „We want to free customers from technological complexity of AR technology and scale the business quickly. The high usability of the platform thereby plays a vital role. The customer must be able to easily create and use AR applications with just a few steps.”

For further information about the organization see the High-Tech Gruenderfonds homepage.

Mostafa Akbari bitstars MTC 2014

MobileTech Conference – Berlin,1.-3. September, 2014


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 – 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

On Tuesday, September 2nd, bitstars‘ CEO Mostafa Akbari gave a presentation about the interplay between augmented reality, wearables and the Internet of Things as different technologies at the MobileTech Conference in Berlin. During his presentation, Mostafa provided a close insight at current technologies in the mobile industry finding their way in our daily life. After contributing a detailed outline of smart sensor tags and a comparing presentation of BLE and iBeacon, he explained their limits and showed the interaction possibilities of the future. As exemplary technologies, Mostafa delivered an introductory overview of the MYO technology by Thalmic Labs, Google Glass as well as the ORA-1 glass by Optinvent and presented them through live demos. As the Internet of Things becomes larger from day to day, taking in even more devices and gadgets, it becomes more relevant for our daily lives to know how to make use of it. In coherence to the development of the Internet of Things, Mostafa presented the new BitOS – a SmartHome System relying on sensor tags, the WIFI network as well as cameras with motion detection which currently are being developed and tested in the bitstars’ office. At last, Mostafa introduced the first game FloppyDroid for smartwatches so far, being developed by bitstars, and finished by explaining the positive aspects of the use of Augmented Reality solutions for maintenance in Industry 4.0.


Mostafa Akbari bitstars MTC 2014

CEO of bitstars, Mostafa Akbari, at the MobileTech Conference.

Also see here for more infos about the event on  the german webpage of the MobileTech Conference.

ARMRO interactive instruction manuals opening a hard-disk part 1

Klenkes Neo Article „Augmented Reality – Aachen start up bitstars closes gap between human and machine“

bitstars closes gap between human and machine

AACHEN, September 11th, 2014

bistars gladly welcomed Christoph Krücken from the Klenkes Neo e-magazine for an interview with bitstars-founder and CEO Mostafa Akbari. They talked about bitstars’ aim to close the gap between humans and machines through augmented reality technology, giving insight about the development of the Internet of Things and the so called fourth industrial revolution: industry 4.0.

Read the full article “Erweiterte Realität – Das Aachener Startup bitstars schließt die Lücke zwischen Mensch und Maschine” in german on page 18 to 19 of the Klenkes NEO e-magazine.


Coman Hamilton from JAXenter at the MTC

Interview „How Germany is struggling with the Internet of Things“ by Coman Hamilton for JAXenter

bitstars opinion on the internet of things and its potentials

BERLIN, September 3rd, 2014

bitstars CEO and IoT expert Mostafa Akbari talked to Coman Hamilton from the JAXenter between his presentation at the IoT Conference in Berlin and the expert-workshop of the German chamber of commerce. The interview covered the Internet of Things in general and existing security issues, the potential of industry 4.0 and the use of beacons for SmartHome Systems.

For further insight read more here.

Dart Flight School

DART Flight school3
Today bitstars is hosting the Dart Flight School, which includes an introduction course and mini hackathon for web development with DART.

Dart Flight SchoolDart Flight School 2

Sebastian, one of bitstars great programmers went the extra mile to make his presentation special and showed up in full costume.