The bitstars team who builds HoloBuilder in Aachen in 2019.


Founders and executives of bitstars

Mostafa Akbari – CEO

Mostafa Akbari CEODuring his studies at RWTH Aachen Mostafa started developing AR-Applications for Mac and PC. He contributes experience with start-ups as well as his network from the Web 2.0 and founding scene. Additionally, he offers a wealth of experience regarding Multichannel-Marketing and Social Media. His knowledge from researching eLearning and Mobile Media were applied by leading different projects for firms and research institutions. Working as a consultant for big companies such as T-System, Eplus, and Axel Springer, Mostafa could pass on his knowledge. Visit Mo at XING and LinkedIn or send an email to


Simon Heinen – CTO

Simon is an RWTH Aachen Computer Science M.Sc. graduate. During his studies, he has already worked on several open-source projects. He is a Computer Vision & Augmented Reality tech enthusiast and co-founder of the Google Developer Group Aachen. Besides, Simon has developed the open-source DroidAR SDK that is used by over 8.000 developers worldwide and the closed source DroidAR SDK Version 2.
Visit Simon at XING and LinkedIn or send an email to


Kristina Tenhaft – CCO

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKristina has been working on different projects with Mo and Simon since 2008. After finishing her Bachelor of Science she worked in New Zealand for 8 months and then joined bitstars in 2012 as a founder. Her knowledge of usability and international communications perfectly complement the founding team. Kristina wrote her bachelor thesis about semiotics in the field of AR, she has been interested in Augmented Reality for several years now. Beside AR Kristina focused on usability, especially design and linguistic aspects, as they are essential for good user experience but often disregarded. Visit Kristina at XING and LinkedIn  or send an email to