droidAR Framework

DroidAR GetHub website

DroidAR GetHub website.

DroidAR is a framework for Augmented Reality on Android devices.

This framework can be used for many different scenarios as location based AR and marker based AR are both possible. There are already some demo applications available.

  • Step detection & Indoor A
  • Location based Gaming & Crowdsourcing Framework

Since the initial creation of the prototype of an augmented reality development tool in 2010, it was continuously improved and new features were added. The created development tool (SDK) enables other programmers to integrate augmented reality in their own applications.

We provide the SDK without charge with an Open Source License for non-commercial projects. It has since evolved into one of the most used open source augmented reality SDKs for the Android platform. The regular feedback from the developers as well as its application in seminars and practical project seminars, where the SDK was used as a basis for their projects, greatly aided its improvement. The framework meets and raises interests and is currently being used by numerous developers around the globe. The recorded numbers of the site are about 1500 website visits per month with an increasing tendency. Moreover, 83% of the about 3200 developers return to the website following their initial visit.

Take a closer look at the droidAR code page

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