AR Jump’N’Run

The AR mobile game runs on devices with OS Android 2.2 or later. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors by either using the Global Positioning System (GPS), step detection, or a combination of both. This enables the player to see and walk through the virtual world using his or her Android device as the viewport.

The game currently offers two game modes:

Construct course

Construct your own course by skillfully adding the different obstacles in your surroundings with the in-game MapEditor.

Time mode: This is similar to arcade style racing. The players‘ goal is to reach the virtual finishing line on the map, beginning from a startpoint, before his or her time runs out. Passing through initially placed checkpoints increases the remaining time.

Collection mode: Within the map, there is a certain amount of collectable objects. The players‘ goal is to collect all objects as fast as possible.

Both game modes can have hostile, friendly and other dynamic objects to increase difficulty and complexity of the map. In addition, the game offers an in-game MapEditor allowing the players to create and modify maps directly on their devices. The MapEditor offers multiple libraries with different types of neutral, friendly and hostile objects that can be placed within the surrounding. Moreover, most objects can be enhanced with an animator.

Try it now and download the .apk here.