Dart Flight School

DART Flight school3
Today bitstars is hosting the Dart Flight School, which includes an introduction course and mini hackathon for web development with DART.

Dart Flight SchoolDart Flight School 2

Sebastian, one of bitstars great programmers went the extra mile to make his presentation special and showed up in full costume.


Aachen Entrepreneurship Week 2013

ill start, where bitstars is going to be a partner by organizing the FoundersHack and the GDG meets Microsoft event.



Brezelhack 2013 by the GDG supported by bitstars

AACHEN, Brezelhack 2013

bitstars is supporting the Brezelhack 2013 for everyone who is interested in coding, IT based business ideas as well as brezels and beer. The hackathon event is organized by the Google Developer Group. There will be a small competition developing an application. We think this will be a lot of fun 🙂

GDG Brezelhack 2013


Come and join us at the Brezelhack 2013!