HoloBuilder enables construction teams to capture & share 360° virtual jobwalks

HoloBuilder Releases Advanced 360 Construction Documentation Solution With Collaboration and Offline Handover Capabilities

HoloBuilder Inc., parent company of bitstars and the leading solution provider for 360-degree reality capturing of construction sites, is releasing a new product featuring new capabilities for real-time collaboration and offline handover for project close-out. Accompanied by a new pricing model, which is based on project size, HoloBuilder’s new solution provides a unique functionality for the construction industry.

HoloBuilder enables construction teams to capture & share 360° virtual jobwalks

HoloBuilder enables construction teams to capture & share 360° virtual jobwalks

With today’s update, HoloBuilder offers a scalable SaaS solution that can be deployed company-wide across projects or at an enterprise level. It is the collection of all features that HoloBuilder offers as a collaborative enterprise package: 360-degree reality capturing with the JobWalk mobile app, TimeTravel for progress documentation, the measurement tool to measure within 360° images, and annotations. Users can now collaborate with their whole team and enjoy enterprise level service and security. HoloBuilder lets entire construction project teams contribute to the documentation process. Having the entire team on board allows users to set up large projects quickly while allowing the project owner to decide who has access and editor rights. Notifications are shown when team members update the project and allow everyone to see who is working within HoloBuilder at the same time.

During project close-out, the project can be downloaded and saved as a view-only deliverable for the owner to keep throughout the lifetime of the building.

With HoloBuilder’s new solution comes an all new look. The new company logo represents the two worlds that are linked at their core, the digital world as a perfect blueprint of the physical world. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to accurate, reliable, and secure reality capturing of construction projects.

HoloBuilder’s customers see the new solution as a big step in the right direction. It is the first reality capturing solution that enables efficient progress documentation for large-scale construction projects. With collaboration, the responsibility of capturing progress is distributed, data silos are removed, and reliability is increased by providing a workflow that is built around an entire construction team.

User Access Management: Enable team members to collaborate within your project

User Access Management: Enable team members to collaborate within your project

„We have been able to leverage HoloBuilder’s collaboration platform for about two months now. To be able to arm multiple staff members with a camera who can jointly collaborate to track the status and the history of the project, not only for us but also for our clients and stakeholders, makes a lot of sense,“ says Andrew Cameron, Area Superintendent at SFO Airport Terminal 1 Construction site by Hensel Phelps.

„Our new solution is the result of co-development between HoloBuilder and many of the top U.S. General Contractors. In countless discussions and beta projects, we’ve learned what is most important to them and the construction industry as a whole. Together we have been thinking about all stages of a project, from project set up, to the building phase, and the close-out phase. HoloBuilder is the best in class for all three categories. To provide truly unlimited scalable projects, now unlimited collaborators can work on one project with different access settings. With our new Handover Package, projects can be downloaded and kept offline in a view-only mode for decades to come. It was important that our new solution provides all enterprise requirements that work for the industry. I am proud that we have not only achieved this but also offer the most scalable reality capturing solution in the market,“ says Mostafa Akbari, CEO of HoloBuilder, Inc.

More Info:
Read the press release here or visit HoloBuilder.com

HoloBuilder at Pioneer Summit 2015

Pioneer Summit 2015: bitstars is presenting HoloBuilder in good company of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators

In the good company of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators, bitstars is a presenting company at the Pioneer Summit 2015. From Wednesday, October 7 to Friday, October 9, 2015, HoloBuilder is shown at the annual meeting of leading entrepreneurs from venture-backed startups, investors and innovation executives from technology companies.

To „Build Tomorrow Today“ (the gathering’s slogan) they come together in the centre of Silicon Valley at GSVlabs, a campus and community network, aiming to use their resources to accelerate innovative companies in the areas of „EdTech, Sustainability, Big Data, and Mobility“. GSV is short for „Global Silicon Valley„, a collective of businesses focused on media, strategic services and investments that are hosting the event. In general, they want to find what they call „the Stars of Tomorrow“, the most dynamic growth companies in the world, to invest in and partner up with them.

Amid those visionary people and highly innovative companies that are shaping the future of the Silicon Valley as well as of the whole industry, it seems to be the perfect place for bitstars to present HoloBuilder. As a one-of-a-kind web app for easily creating and consuming 360-degree images as well as augmented and virtual reality content, it provides cutting-edge technology to everybody. Being based on WebGL, it requires only a browser, thus creating and experiencing 3D content becomes possible on almost any (mobile) device. HoloBuilder enables many new possibilities and opportunities for professionals from diverse areas as well as all new options for private persons to create and share amazing content quite easily.

This combination of the latest, innovative technology with ease of use contains great potential for high acceptance and thus dynamic growth as well. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see which possibilities, chances, and opportunities will arise from this meeting with other leading innovators and top companies of the Silicon Valley.

Mostafa Akbari with Armin Laschet, Cem Özdemir and Brigitte Zypries

High-level meeting: bitstars CEO Mostafa Akbari meets top political decision-makers from Germany

Over the last few weeks some of Germany’s most renowned politicians came to California to get together with the great minds send out from Germany. Mostafa Akbari, CEO of bitstars, who is currently situated in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto/San Francisco, California, USA) to establish a market with the US and Asia, met with them personally to discuss the technology of tomorrow. No matter whether it is the CDU, SPD or Bündnis 90/Die Grünen party, all came to talk about differences in the start-up culture in Germany and the US, the relevance of Industry 4.0 as well as the open-mindedness of the Silicon Valley and Japan towards start-ups.

bitstars CEO Mostafa Akbari met with Armin Laschet (CDU), currently serving as state MP in the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia as head of his party’s parliamentary group. They discoursed about the major differences of the support for founders in Germany and the US, what Germany can learn from the American founders’ mentality and how the founders’ climate could be improved altogether. Read more about this visit online (German press).

Mostafa Akbari meeting Armin Laschet (CDU).

Furthermore, Mostafa came together with Brigitte Zypries (SPD), current Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy coordinating Germany’s IT, aviation and space policies, to debate about the potential and future of Industry 4.0. Main topics were Googles new project Jaguar, introducing smart textile designs in cooperation with the textile industry, as well as the role of other Silicon Valley pioneers and their impact on mid-tier companies. In the context of Industry 4.0 the importance of German founders was further elaborated.

Mostafa and Brigitte Zypries (SPD) at the German Accelerator.

Last but not least, Mostafa met with Cem Özdemir, co-chairman of the political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. They discussed the actual technological, economic-political state in the US and Japan. The focus of the conversation was set on the positive attitude of the Silicon Valley as well as the open minded mentality of Japanese companies towards startups around the world.

bitstars CEO Mostafa Akbari meets with politician Cem Özdemir (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen).

Those meetings underline the commitment and involvement of German politicians to support German technology as well as ambitioned entrepreneurs abroad.

Panel Talk with bitstars CEO Mostafa Akbari at AWE 2015

bitstars enters the world stage: Augmented World Expo 2015

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is home to over 200 companies with backgrounds in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), wearable technology as well as the ‚Internet of Things‘ (IoT), with bitstars being a part of it in 2015:
CEO Mostafa Akbari and CTO Simon Heinen were among thousands of tech-professionals participating in over 20 workshops, 200 interactive demos and 100 first-class talks from industry leaders and pioneers.

The slogan of the whole event was „Share the superpowers of AR, VR, Wearable Tech and IoT with the World!“ and this is exactly what bitstars did, by giving three interesting talks about the future of AR for enterprises:

  • Simon Heinen elaborated on the topic of the IoT and AR in a talk about ‘The perfect match: Augmented Reality + M2M Communication’.
  • Mostafa Akbari, who has a lot of real-world implementation experience, met consumers and providers alike to discuss the practicalities of ‘How to Expand AR Adoption in Enterprises’ in a moderated panel. The whole discussion is available on YouTube.
  • A spontaneous talk about safety precaution in working environments as well as the potential and advantages of new AR goggles completed the event for us.

In detail the bitstars performance schedule looked like following:

  • Internet Of Things and AR, June 8, 3:15pm – 4:00pm, Room 212
    Simon Heinen (bitstars) – The perfect match: Augmented Reality + M2M Communication; Tom Wesselman (Plantronics) – The IoT: Possibilities, Challenges, and Real World Questions; Brock Kolls (CN2) – Data and Analytics in AR/VR
  • How to expand AR adoption, June 8, 5:00pm – 5:45pm, Theater
    Panel moderated by Alex Hill (CN2) with Juergen Lumeira (Bosch), Paul Davies (Boeing), Fridolin Wild (DDR), Mostafa Akbari (Founder & CEO, bitstars), Joe Metzger (Johnson and Johnson).
    A discussion forum on augmented reality advocating the alliance of enterprises. Main issue is the promotion of the expansion of enterprise AR and the adaption to open and interoperable standards.
  • Spontaneous talk on the topic of Safety and risk factors in Augmented Reality for Enterprises, June 8
    Mostafa Akbari (bitstars) – Device, Human & Environment safety and risk factors

For an exclusive insight take a virtual tour through the expo area or (because networking is important too) join right here at the AWE after party:

To summarize, it was a great event that provided an interesting impression of the current state of the AR and VR business, combined with great opportunities to meet amazing industry experts and a perfect mix of various events and activities. bitstars is looking forward to next year, for which the registration is already open!

Runway San Francisco: Meeting the CEO

Today Mostafa Akbari showed me his workplace, the Runway in San Francisco. Located at the heart of San Francisco, the Runway is a community of entrepreneurs and influencers who strive to do the best they can. Because Twitter’s headquarter is in the same building, you need to get a special permission to visit in order for the security to let you in. I’m already feeling enlightened and very important ;).

Right after entering the complex, I was very impressed with the available space and services. The Runway San Francisco is a beautifully designed and modern office suite, with videoconferencing, several meeting rooms, flexible office space and a different lounge to relax and communicate with like-minded people. It’s welcoming, charming and the atmospthere has just the right mix of focus and ease, not your typical ‚you have a desk – don’t complain“ atmosphere. The layout is extremely simple yet intuitive. The amount of open space is incredible and refreshing to see, especially after having seen other „comparable“ institutes. The designer is a master of indirect lightning – the room is both bright and well-lit but non-glaring at the same time, making it easy to feel right at home. Private call rooms are available and almost always free.

The German Accelerator has hired several tables in the Runway San Francisco. This is where I meet Mostafa Akbari. The following presentation gives you a great impression of the Runway. Feel free to find your ways around and discover the Runway in a 360°-presentation.

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

From AR to VR – which gadgets will come along with bitstars to the Silicon Valley?

The journey to Silicon Valley

The preparations for bitstars‘ journey across the atlantic ocean and into the Silicon Valley are continuing. Which gadgets and utilities will Mostafa Akbari bring along his way?

We used our Holobuilder to create a fun way for you to find out about Mostafas baggage. You can find a complete list of all the gadgets at the bottom of this page.

(Please be patient as the embedded Holoplayer may take some seconds to finish loading (optimized for Google Chrome)).

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

From the white packaging of the Ricoh Theta m15 camera at the bottom right in counter-clockwise-order:

  1. Ricoh Theta m15 camera (in front of the laptop in blue): a 360° camera which makes it easy to take photo spheres on the go
  2. Bang & Olufsen headphones: useful to stay focused while working in the open-plan offices of Palo Alto and San Francisco
  3. Kindle Fire: for personal media consumption (music, books etc.) during the long commuting between San Francisco and Palo Alto
  4. Teufel in-ear-headphones: headphones for the daily mobile needs
  5. Several US specific adapters and
  6. Several USB cables
  7. Cardboard: for 360° and 3D applications using the Holoplayer (enable the cardboard-mode with the second (cardboard-) button from the right)
Holoplayer Menu

Holoplayer Menu

  1. External harddrive and cables
  2. Smartphone OnePlus One: smartphone which can be used with Cardboard and one of our standard devices for internal use at bitstars
  3. Jawbone UP24: next to the Moto 360 smart-watch – a pedometer and fitness-tracker
  4. Several SIM-Cards for US-specific usage
  5. Sennheiser headphones: extremely useful for noise-reduction
  6. Private smartphone
  7. Multiple rechargeable batteries
  8. flexible mini-stand to take stable photos
  9. Adapters for mini-DP to HDMI/VGA/DVI
  10. PIN Generator for secure mobile payment
  11. Inductive-recharger for smartwatches
  12. Google Glass
  13. Surface Pro
Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

Nicht nur AR und VR Technologien begleiten bitstars ins Silicon Valley!

Die Vorbereitungen für die Reise von bitstars ins Silicon Valley gehen weiter. Welche Technik nimmt Mostafa Akbari auf diesem Weg mit?

Im Holoplayer sind einige der Gadgets zu entdecken und verlinkt. Das Laden der Einbindung kann auf verschiedenen Browsern etwas dauern (optimiert für Google Chrome).

Unter  dem Holoplayer findet ihr noch einmal eine Aufzählung der Gadgets.


Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

Mostafa Akbari travel gadgets

Ab der Verpackung der Ricoh Theta m15 Kamera der Aufnahme nach rechts gegen den Uhrzeigersinn folgend:

  1. Ricoh Theta m15 Kamera (als Gerät vor dem Rechner stehend): handelt es sich um eine 360° Kamera mit der einige Fotos aufgenommen werden sollen
  2. Bang & Olufsen Kopfhörer: für die Arbeit in den Großraumbüros von Palo Alto und San Francisco, um sich auf die eigene Arbeit konzentrieren zu können
  3. Kindle Fire: für den individuellen Medienkonsum (Musik, Lesen, etc.) auf den langen Pendelstrecken zwischen San Francisco und Palo Alto, bzw. im Flieger
  4. Teufel In-Ear Kopfhörer für den täglichen mobilen Bedarf
  5. mehrere Adapter für die USA
  6. mehrere USB-Kabel
  7. Cardboard: für 360° und 3D Anwendungen über den Holoplayer. Auf der Menuleiste rechts findet ihr das entsprechende Symbol.
Holoplayer Menu

Holoplayer Menu

  1. Kabel für die externe Festplatte
  2. externe Festplatte
  3. Smartphone OnePlus One: ein Smartphone, welches in das Cardboard eingesetzt werden kann und bei bitstars ein Standardgerät ist
  4. Jawbone UP24: neben der Smartwatch Moto 360): als Schrittzähler und Fitness Tracker
  5. mehrere SIM-Karten für die USA
  6. Kopfhörer von Sennheiser: für lange Fahrten/Flüge und zur Geräuscheabschirmung
  7. privates Smartphone
  8. mehrere Akkupacks
  9. flexibles Mini-Stativ für stabile Fotos
  10. Adapter (mini DP auf HDMI/ VGA/ DVI)
  11. PIN Generator der Sparkasse
  12. Induktionsladegerät für die Smartwatch
  13. Google Glass
  14. Surface Pro